concern con‧cern [kənˈsɜːn ǁ -ɜːrn] noun [countable] formal COMMERCE
a business organization, usually a company:

• the French defense and electronics concern, Matra SA

a business that is making a profit

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concern UK US /kənˈsɜːn/ noun
[C] FORMAL a business or company: »

Two of the country's largest steel concerns are considering cuts in production.

See also GOING CONCERN(Cf. ↑going concern)
[U or C] the fact of feeling worried about something, or something that makes you worry: concern about/over sth »

There was a lot of public concern over the new legislation.


Please raise any concerns regarding this decision with your manager.

concern UK US /kənˈsɜːn/ verb [T]
to be important to someone, or to involve or affect someone: »

Managers complained that they were spending too much time going to meetings that didn't actually concern them.

to worry someone: »

If there are issues which concern you, discuss the matter with a specialist financial adviser.

(also be concerned with) to be about a particular subject: »

Our research is concerned with new forms of work organization.

To whom it may concern — Cf. To whom it may concern

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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